Base “Le Grazie Vecchie“

The area on the side of the hill and along the wall of the park (3708 m²) (section A in the map) is reserved for Scouts. In this section there is also a hut, recently restored, that can be used as storage for camping equipment. Overall, the scouts can use the section A for overnight stay and camping and sections B and C for games and activities related to the camping group.

The purple area represents the scout house, which consists of:
• living room with wooden floor of 54 m² (8,2x 6,6 metri)
• loft with wooden floor of 22 m² (5,5 x 4 metri)
• hallway
• kitchen with gas stove and hot water
• sanitary facilities (with hot water by solar panels)
• storage space for tools of the base

from January 2011 the base is equipped with a wood stove that can heat the entire structure